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Archive for March 2019

Self Regulation for Kids: INNER STEERING WHEEL INNER STEERING WHEEL: SWITCHING GEARS FROM TENSE TO CALM March 20, 2019 by Janai Mestrovich, M.S. Aka Grandma Boom BZZZZZZZZ. Anyone peering into the preschool classroom might assume students were running amuck. Buzzing motor sounds filled the room. Children were laughing and happy pretending to be tense, fast moving cars. Their hands held an…

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Self Regulation Begins with Dogs: Tense Knots and Calm Socks (originally published on ORAEYC website/state newsletter) Self-Regulation Begins with Dogs, Tense Knots and Calm Socks  Originally posted to ORAEYC,  February 19, 2019 |Janai Mestrovich, M.S. We were all barking like dogs that were upset on all fours in the preK classroom. Then I used the Breathing Sphere to guide 20 preK children to take slow,…

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