OUR GOAL: Empower children to Build Inner Strengths.


All children, teens and adults have the right to learn about their inner world of mind/body/emotions/spirit in order to know themselves and tap their highest human potential. Teaching these skills at the pre-K and early elementary level gives kids a tremendous advantage in life’s landscape of lessons and challenges.  It helps them achieve a life filled with success — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, as well as in relationships and life accomplishments.

May all children develop their full potential and excel in the workshop of living life fully with a positive attitude, passion with purpose and vibrance of spirit.

Meet our Executive Director: Janai Mestrovich aka ‘Grandma Boom’

About Janai

Janai Mestrovich, M.S., is a leading authority on ART, ACES Resiliency Teaching, using 3D learning in a holistic modality she developed which includes using all five senses in each lesson for young children. ACES is a prime concern today with over 34 million children in the United States suffering from one or more traumatic events with no skills or tools to assist in their ability to build healthy resilience. Award-winning children’s programming in television and education has been noteworthy in Ms. Mestrovich’s 41 year dedication, vision, mission and passion to empower children to feel like SuperKids with self-help skills. From the State of Oregon to the New York Film and Television Festival’s Silver Medal, 2nd Place out of 2,000 entries worldwide, Ms. Mestrovich has served as acknowledgment of being ahead of the wave in edutainment (educating while entertaining) for young children in managing stress, mindfulness techniques and developing emotional intelligence. She is also known as an alias, Grandma Boom, in her authorship of seven books available on Amazon. She exudes a fun and irresistible presence in her approach as a costumed presenter to children’s classes. Janai is an international consultant and speaker on EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS. Her radio and television interviews are passionate and entertaining.

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Grandma Boom