Approximately 1989: “MOM! Why do you talk to yourself so much?”

Me: “Because I listen and don’t talk back!” My children questioned my ‘ways’ and wondered if I was “OK,” hahaha.

2021: “MOM! Do you realize how much you talk to yourself out loud?”

“YES! Tradition! And now I LISTEN and respond! Pandemic isolation and indoor wildfire smoke living requires creative strategizing for a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes I spice it up with self-disagreement!” Reader: Picture rolled eyes from those hearing this, hahaha.

Research on talking aloud to oneself finds it helps you stay focused. For example, explaining processes to yourself aloud assists in finding solutions and working through problems. You can focus on each step necessary.

Recently, I was challenged with a medical situation. I had to hear myself talking about it in order to denote the changes in my vocal tone which dictated to me what I needed to do. I was able to assert myself speaking up for my own health benefit.

Kitty and I meow to each other. But telling the ant invaders I am on the warpath does not seem to phase them. They say nothing. Telling my living space I’ll be back right after errands appeases me. NO response is a flatline on the vocal meter. I enliven myself talking to either me or SOMETHING!

When recording a commercial for BookStayHop recently, I observed it’s not much different than talking to myself. I share information but no response from potential listeners.

Keep these concerns in mind: When we talk to ourselves (most of us do), are we listening to what is going on inside us? How do we learn more about our mental/emotional state if we are not really listening to the vocal tones?

Complimenting myself is very helpful. “Efficient job on that sink full of dishes, Janai!” Or acknowledging my creativity: “Wow! Nice feather colors in your hat!” My enthusiastic voice empowers me.

Some research found participants who spoke out loud to themselves while solving abstract logic puzzles performed three times better than those who worked in silence! Positive tones work better so instead of (which I do sometimes): “Oh, JANAI! Where did you misplace your cell?” It works easier with “Cell phone, I appreciate you, let me find you.” FYI: I call myself more than anyone else does…. from my landline trying to find the cell!