Training for children begins with the free video and downloads. As I teach them the basics, all you have to do is reinforce the concepts and skills with the downloads. Purchasing the entire series gives you relief as children learn more about self regulation and their internal world choices. Solutions arise and tension begins to melt away that is unnecessary in life. Begin now by purchasing the in-house training so easy to use with children!

  • BEEING CALM coloring book helps children to hear about the bee’s journey and interact by coloring, activating left and right hemisphere.
  • Jackson’s Fun Adventures encourages use of the imagination to play with ideas of who children want to be.
  • Superkid Saves the Day has stories about how to integrate skills in everyday situations.
  • Superkid Camp includes diversity/inclusion/equity as children from different countries share their problems and how they used skills to become SUPERKIDS.
  • Dragonella shows children they can make a difference at a young age which Claire learned from the Sky Dragons as she became Dragonella.
  • Superkid Power Guidebook is your answer to how to manage 52 topics for social emotional learning such as jealousy, anger, stress and much more. Excellent resource or use progressively one week at a time. It’s easy to find guidance with answers and activities.

All trainings are highly experiential and fun. Some topics are:

  • Activating Your Stress Tools
  • Stress Management with Children
  • Three Dimensional Social Emotional Learning with a Fun Approach
  • Preschool Stress Management

Some workshops include a wonderful model of communication skills, anger management, self calming skills, creative solutions, how to develop focusing skills, three dimensional learning, and more, depending on the length of training.

Download audios for ongoing training and reinforcement that will entertain children over and over. Superkid Stories are a favorite. 5 Minute Stress Manager has five exercises, five minutes each. Children learn relaxation skills for calm self-control. Also great techniques for teens and adults.