Bringing Magic and Goodwill to Homeless and Poverty Stricken

Every year Superkid Power, Inc. sends a Christmas Fairy (Janai Mestrovich) to homeless shelters and poverty-stricken single-mom families. In 2022, 100 homeless adults received two one-gallon bags of needed items. One bag included sherpa-lined hats, ski gloves, scarves, weatherproof socks, hand warmers, and hygiene items (toothbrushes/paste, dental floss, antibacterial hand wash). The second bag contained Emergen-C packets, cough drops, protein bars, and a variety of other snacks. Everything is hand-delivered to each individual with the Christmas Fairy waving her singing wand above their heads for them to make a wish.

Food Gift Cards

A special bonus from a donor provided $10 grocery store food gift cards for 100 homeless who were extremely grateful. Feeling the gratitude from homeless recipients is a very humbling experience.

Christmas Fairy Food Gift Cards

Provisions for Poverty-Stricken Single Moms

Also in 2022 for the holidays, 17 children were individually shopped for to provide winter needs such as coats, boots, hats, winter clothing, and one toy item. Ages ranged from 18 months to 14 years of age. These are children who have single moms and live in buses, cars, and low-income housing. Their moms also received needed items.

All Year Long

All year long the Christmas Fairy delivers basic necessities when a need arises. We are boots-on-the-ground at Superkid Power, Inc. Purchased items are stored in Ms. Mestrovich’s living room and dining room where the collation occurs prior to deliveries. The need continues to grow as more people become poverty-stricken and homeless.

Christmas Fairy and Elves

Join the Team: Become a Remote Elf

Please help this special project to continue with your support. The saying in southern Oregon is that “Santa ain’t got nothin’ on the Christmas Fairy!” Pure goodwill brings joy in addition to items of necessity to help those who suffer in ways we who live in homes cannot imagine.

It takes a team! Become a remote elf in the Christmas Fairy Workshop. On-site elves help to collate all the items each year.

From the Heart

May your generous, kind goodness return to you many times over for helping with this amazing uplifting service. And enjoy the letter to the Christmas Fairy, imagining you are a child who received winter clothing and other items you needed, then wrote a heartfelt note.

“What comes from the heart goes to the heart.” Coleridge