Compassionate Giving

Your kind generosity provides opportunities for underserved youth to receive services and needed basics. Book projects for Social Emotional Learning and Stress Management are distributed to young children for prevention of destructive behavioral patterns and to plant seeds for healthy self concept and worth. Educational materials also address good relationship building, managing negative emotions to gain a more grateful and positive attitude, and helping children to feel capable of adding to society through family, school, and community.

Funds are also allocated to unhoused individuals in need during inclement weather, food for the hungry, victims of fires who have lost everything, children and single mothers living in cars or buses, winter boots for children who have none, and so many more occasions that assist others who need hope in addition to practical basic supplies.

A mother living in a car with four children for several months shared she was hiding from her husband because the domestic violence was so horrible she had to escape with the children. Some clothing and educational supplies were given to her. She was so humbly grateful.

The Christmas Fairy Project provides food, hygiene items and basic warm hats, gloves, Weatherproof socks in the winter. 2023 season supplies 100 unhoused with needed warming gifts. 2023 holidays also providing winter clothing and basic necessities for eleven children and their mothers. Some live in vehicles. Goodwill for all is a Christmas action.

Every week 40 snack bags are provided with protein bars, fruit items and more. Some unhoused persons have shared these often help them through times when they have no food.

Please share your caring to strengthen others who are struggling to survive. May your kindness return to you many times over. Thank you.

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