Forgiveness can be abstract for young children. Teaching them not to carry a grudge is easily accomplished with GRUDGE SACKS….Imagine every time you carried a grudge and did not forgive that there was a big rock or a bag of rocks tied around your neck weighing you down. That is exactly what a grudge does – takes up space inside you until you release it.

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Grudges weigh us down when we don’t forgive

I teach children how it feels in 3D learning to carry that grudge weight, learn to feel forgiveness and release that dead weight. Grudges pull you down. Relief begins to set in as forgiveness takes hold and the grudge is lifted off one’s chest. The feeling of forgiveness bringing relief. The success in forgiving is that a person does not hurt her/himself. EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS. Lesson 6 in the Video series demonstrates this lesson in depth. You can be part of the solution in helping more children learn lessons like this. Check out