“I’ve got a hunch!” “My gut tells me….” Dad used those terms. He would never use the word “intuition.” In the 50’s intuition was associated with females. Mom would always say, “I’ve got a feelin’….” or “Mark my word. My feeling tells me….” Remarkably, they were always right. Dad insisted his hunches saved him more than once in WWII.

Long ago I learned when I didn’t listen to that inner voice that coincided with a subtle fluttering feeling in my heart area, I would regret it. Listening brings results. When I was 12, the strongest body sensation came with an inner voice about a car accident. Mom always held my baby brother as Dad drove. Plans were for dinner at Ft. Leavenworth. My Inner GPS shouted baby Johnny should not go.

I braved telling my parents there was going to be a car accident and Johnny needed a babysitter. Mom finally agreed.

Sure enough, someone plowed into the side of the car where Johnny would have been thrown from Mom’s arms. No one else was harmed.

Recently, I was invited to an outing. Calendar was clear. However, a nagging feeling resonated in my chest with thoughts that I would not go. Rationally, nothing made sense that would prohibit me from going. But something did happen not allowing me to attend. My intuition already KNEW even though I didn’t want to agree.

How many times does someone go across our minds repeatedly and we contact them only to find out something happened. Or someone calls just as they dot the landscape of our thoughts. My sister and I often can intuitively detect when the other one has a crisis or something stressful. Recently, my inner GPS guided me to contact someone without a good rational left hemisphere reason. The person was suffering and needed a listening ear. I am always grateful when I LISTEN to that Inner GPS because it guides me more efficiently than rational thoughts and emotions can.

Intuition cannot be argued with. It always wins. Intuition allows us to know something without conscious reasoning. It is the way of truth, an avenue inside us that KNOWS WHAT IS. Our inner GPS is the most reliable friend to guide us most efficiently in the right direction. The body has sensors that are beyond the conscious mind’s grasp. TRUSTING ourselves is a key issue only second to LISTENING to that inner voice GPS. Our mental capacity is linear. The inner GPS has all the territories covered multi-dimensionally and how to locate the proper destination because it is not limited.

Common sense and conscious reasoning are in a separate playing field from intuition. Confusion can arise from not being able to discriminate those internal workings. Practice polishes the GPS instrument inside all of us.

Blockages that prevent the Inner GPS from giving accurate readings: Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Any negative emotions allowed to fester the mind and body. Unnecessary fear, for example, can freeze us which prevents messages from entering the playing field with our GPS.

Accepting the guidance from the inner voice sometimes requires NOT rationally understanding and simply accepting it. There is a common tendency to place a rational reason in place for the busy mind to try to grasp the intuitive message so it will ‘make sense’ only to discover later it involved something totally different the mind did not realize.

Strengthening the ‘muscle’ of the Inner GPS is akin to strengthening physical muscles. Provide time to exercise it. The first requirement is the WILLingness to be receptive. Spending time in silence without media or being plugged in electronically allows receptors to listen internally. Being outside in Nature provides sustenance for building rapport with intuition. Desiring greater skill navigating the inner GPS is essential. Ask pertinent questions and listen. Look inside. Know thyself.

Using your Inner GPS results in a life that is more efficient, feels connected to others and life flow inexplicably, giving confidence in calm knowingness. Listen to those hunches, your gut, your feelings in the chest, the goose bumps that tickle and the hair standing up on your arms or the back of your neck. Your Inner GPS KNOWS. It is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning with thoughts and emotions. Bless your GPS!

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