Let's teach our kids how to breathe deeply, and use mental and emotional skills to be mindful and resilient. Tension that builds and stays in the body causes negative thoughts, feelings, and behavior which can lead to mental health issues, relationship difficulties, societal ills, and the inability to respect and love oneself and others. WE CAN PREVENT THIS BY EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS WITH SELF REGULATION SKILLS FOR CONFIDENCE AND COMPETENCE BUILDING THAT IMPACT ALL ASPECTS OF A CHILD'S LIFE AT HOME AND SCHOOL FOR GREATER SUCCESS NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.


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At SuperKid Power we know that prevention is the key at an early age. We are dedicated to a new world where children are prioritized and taught to KNOW THEMSELVES as a way to make good choices from the inside-out. That, in turn, empowers them to create health, happiness, self-actualization and self-accountability, to care about themselves and the world around them.

85% of a child’s brain develops by the age of 5 years. It is the easiest time for children to learn/absorb/integrate self-help skills to prevent mental/emotional illness, relationship incompetence and societal ills. Early learning self-help skills creates healthier children, families, communities and a more hopeful world. Equity, diversity and inclusion are natural traits when children learn skills that help them to function healthily in  mind/body/emotions/spirit in their own lives. 

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SuperKid Power, Inc. is a Nonprofit, Tax Exempt 501(c)3 and we invite you to help us continue our mission to empower SuperKids. Our EIN is 48-0902338

Janai is available for keynote speaking and training:

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Techniques for Children

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) for Adults with Children

Social Emotional Learning

Self Regulation Skills for Child Resiliency

Stress Coping for Confidence Building

Early Childhood Development Mental/Emotional Health Skills

Training For Parents/Teachers/Grandparents

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New Lesson Series for Teachers & Parents:

Empowering SuperKids

EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS is based on the premise that all children deserve to have the right to know themselves and learn how to tap their internal resources of thoughts, emotional feelings, intentions, actions and interactions. Every child, regardless of socioeconomic background, race, religion or culture will have life stress. Being able to use self-help skills in life’s journey to build confidence and become self-actualized instead of self-victimized is a much greater possibility when stress tools provide for excellent resiliency. All children deserve to feel like a SUPERKID!


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What others are saying

“What you are doing with the Empowering SuperKid program is giving a basic foundation for successful social-emotional skills and stability which has a direct influence on academic achievement, children who suffer with ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences), autism, ADHD and preschool readiness for kindergarten. Your program has the basic necessities for all children at a young age.”
~ University Professor

SuperKid Power is the home for ART: ACES Resiliency Teaching

ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) has become predominant in today’s culture, leaving children to fend for themselves without proper tools to maintain good mental, emotional and physical health. The SuperKid Power has been at the forefront for 41 years developing curriculum and implementing dynamic lessons that children easily integrate into their lives. Children and their support systems, at school or home, become more mindful, using stress instead of it using them, and knowing themselves in a successful way to tap their own internal resources of the mind, body and emotions combined with breathing and will power.

SuperKid Power is dedicated to empowering all ages to tap inner resources of mind/body/emotions/spirit in honor of advancing each person’s human potential to live healthy, self-actualized, content lives. The focus on ACES takes precedence at this time of great cultural shifts due to technology and planetary challenges.

We're making Real Progress. The latest from our Blog.

ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Tools for Kids to Self-Regulate

Because a child’s brain develops 85% of its capacity by the age of 5, it is the optimal time to teach skills to manage stress. With the increase of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) on the rise in our country, mental health is declining. Early prevention with self regulation and self help skills strengthens children mentally…

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Grudge Sacks Teach Young Children Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be abstract for young children. Teaching them not to carry a grudge is easily accomplished with GRUDGE SACKS….Imagine every time you carried a grudge and did not forgive that there was a big rock or a bag of rocks tied around your neck weighing you down. That is exactly what a grudge does…

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Third Grader Learns Bullying Others Makes Him Feel Worse Inside

“Who has a success story from last week’s lesson on saying “NO!” to negative peer pressure’?” I asked the question not knowing if any children would respond in front of their peers. To my sheer delight, a boy’s hand shot up into the air immediately. “Janai, my friends and I were going to beat up…

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Child Improves Her Life With Self-Calming and The Calm Song

“First my little brother took my shells and wouldn’t give them back.” I asked, “How did you feel?” the 6 yr. old shared she felt “MAD!” When I asked what choice she made, she answered confidently, “I sang the CALM SONG you taught us and then when he hit me I sang the CALM SONG and didn’t hit him…

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Preschool Artwork Showing the Difference Between Negative and Positive Thinking

It is such an exciting, passionate endeavor to teach preschool/K children about themselves. KNOW THYSELF is proclaimed by major philosophies to be a key to a strong, happy life. As an aging woman, I want to pass on to younger generations ways I have discovered to do just that: KNOW THYSELF. And the icing on the cake is…

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