Preschool Artwork Showing the Difference Between Negative and Positive Thinking

It is such an exciting, passionate endeavor to teach preschool/K children about themselves. KNOW THYSELF is proclaimed by major philosophies to be a key to a strong, happy life. As an aging woman, I want to pass on to younger generations ways I have discovered to do just that: KNOW THYSELF. And the icing on the cake is to learn skills to manage thyself! Awareness is the first step….of internal resources with mind/body/emotions.

Using all the senses in a holistic teaching manner accomplishes a great deal more than just making a linear, cognitive statement such as “It is better to have good thoughts than bad thoughts.”

Children who get to experience the difference between bad and good thoughts get the sense of the lesson for themselves. Their awareness increases and as that happens there are more choices consciously of how to use those internal resources.

Artwork helps children to see the difference because, even if they cannot talk about it in words, they ‘get it’ and can feel the artistic expression, then SEE what it is that is going on inside them. These artwork samples are from 4 and 5 year old children. After having some experiences practicing the difference between bad and good thoughts they had no hesitation being able to show the difference. How exciting!

There is a continual thread of caring concern as an elder of this human tribe that lives in my heart. Creating opportunities for children to truly develop their own human potential is a key for positive changes on our planet that are dearly needed. Helping children to KNOW THYSELF gives a lot of punch in my Awesome Aging process.

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