Five Minute Stress Manager
with Janai Mestrovich

For adults and teens. *Caution: Not for use while driving.

Uplift yourself out of the anxiety tension building in your body and filling your mind. These Five 5-minute exercises can be used one at a time for a short needed break or more if your schedule allows. Several varieties of stress reducing techniques will guide you to a more peaceful state. Relieve yourself from extra stress mounting up inside you and renew your internal resources. Feel an energy lift when you take just a few moments to give yourself what you need in a busy day. It is possible to prevent aches, pains, muddled thinking and irritable moods when you care for yourself. Sit in your car in a parking lot between errands; take a closed eye break at work; invite family members to cool down together before escalation of disagreements occur; use as a way to bring others together at a meeting. These exercises have limitless uses. Enjoy becoming healthier!

Download includes the following files:
01 Five Minute Stress Managers Set 1.mp3 (Running time 00:31:26)
02 Five Minute Stress Managers Set 2.mp3 (Running time 00:30:55)