SuperKid Relaxation with Grandma Boom
(Janai Mestrovich)

Audio tracks include:

RELAXATION THROUGH BREATHING. Calming one body area at the time with deep, even breathing brings an Increased awareness of breathing as a fuel for calming those body areas. Children learn they can calm themselves in stressful situations by practicing this technique. Watch children release anxiety and build skills that make parenting and teaching easier for adults.

SELF DIRECTED RELAXATION. Children learn phrases to begin practicing the skill of telling body areas to release tension and feel the warmth of calm sensations traveling through them. They learn how to use their own minds to help their bodies relieve stress and create self calm. Self confidence gains momentum with self regulation skills.

Download includes the following files:
01 Relaxation Through Breathing.mp3 (Running time 00:23:32)
02 Self-Directed Relaxation for Kids.mp3 (Running time 00:23:26)