SuperKid Storytime with Grandma Boom
(Janai Mestrovich)

The stories begin with a relaxation technique to build self calming skills. Every entertaining story intertwines life messages and skills… A perfect combination for children to learn emotional intelligence and stress management while having an unforgettable story to remember that reinforces the lessons. A priceless gift for children. Great at nap time, bedtime, riding in the car and anytime a quiet space is needed with a touch of entertainment.

1. ELFEN SECRETS creatively brings magic between Elfa and a human girl, Erikal. When the elf lies, she loses her magical powers only to be gained back and shared with Erika when she tells the truth. Delightful lessons with delicate music background.

2. SEBASTIAN THE SNAIL got stuck in the sand and snored the time away because he was afraid to ask for help. After getting washed out to sea, Sebastian listens to his inner voice to solve his problem, learning that changing a bad habit can bring good feelings and a happy ending. Musical background enhances the story with ocean and tones.

3. THE JEALOUS LADYBUG is so filled with jealousy that she cannot do well in the Lady Bug dance contest. Jealous Fifi and Kind Doodle are sisters. Doodle helps Fifi to learn she is hurting herself with her jealousy which leads to a happy ending after some calamities occur. Musical background creates a decorative enhancement.

4. ALEXANDER THE ANGRY ANT was so grumpy others didn’t want to be near him. He was angry all the time. Frieda,the Flea, entertains Alexander with songs and techniques to release anger. He learns stress signs are inside him and chooses to change his attitude after his anger is gone. Music background enhances the story moods.

Download includes the following files:
01 SupeKid Stories 1-2 of 4.mp3 (Running time 00:27:06)
02 SupeKid Stories 3-4 of 4.mp3 (Running time 00:22:53)