SuperKid Stress Relief with Grandma Boom
(Janai Mestrovich)

These techniques build resiliency and healthy coping skills

Audio files include:

PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION helps children to discover the difference between tense and calm sensations in muscle groups by tightening and relaxing them. This action creates a tension release while building self-awareness in tension levels throughout the body. Excellent for switching gears to self calm. Gives relief to body stress immediately and is cumulative in reducing chronic levels of anxiety and stress when used consistently several times weekly. Great for naptime and bedtime or when alone time is needed to process difficult emotions.

BODY AWARENESS FOR CHILDREN helps them to become acutely aware of their inner states of tension and relaxation in the body to grant greater self regulation abilities. Taking time to tune into their inner world serves to advance their self caring, self control and self confidence in knowing themselves from the inside-out. Children who learn these skills can become more active rather than reactive, feel empowered instead of victimized and know they always have a choice regardless of circumstances. They are in control of themselves.

Download includes the following files:
01 Progressive Relaxation for Kids.mp3 (Running time 00:23:11)
02 Body Awareness for Children.mp3 (Running time 00:23:24)