Research shows students who are calm learn more easily, absorb learning the lesson and retain it longer. Self-calming techniques are invaluable for children to learn at a young age when thought and behavioral patterns are being established. Using creative techniques to demonstrate self-calming imprints children in optimal ways, especially when they are having fun.

When children are more relaxed, there is an openness and receptivity to learning new information and techniques. In the picture, I gave the children a drum and drumstick to experience the difference between being tense and being calm. That is a basic awareness essential in self regulation. It has to be EXPERIENCED to know for oneself and not just talked about.

In addition, children and so much fun learning in this way. Fun opens a doorway to happy learning and children want MORE. We drummed in a very tense manner to learn what tense meant. Very loud! Tight muscles! Everyone could see, hear and feel the tension in the room. Then we took slow deep belly button breaths to CALM OURSELVES (essential in self regulation). When calm, we drummed again in a gentle manner. The children could see, hear and feel the difference. Of course, they wanted to do this ritual over and over!

I complimented the children by saying, “WOW! Every one of you are SUPERKIDS with SUPERKID POWER because YOU changed from Tense to Calm! YOU DID IT! I am so proud of you. Now it will be fun to remember to switch from tense to calm with deep belly button breathing even when you don’t have drums to help you! I can’t wait to hear success stories the next time we meet!”

The children were all smiles with the compliment and their accomplishment. It really was a blast teaching them and seeing how much fun they had LEARNING ABOUT THEMSELVES! This is what 3D (three dimensional) Social Emotional Learning is all about to gain SUPERKID POWER!

SUPERKIDS accomplish more in life with their self awareness, self care and control, self confidence.

GO SUPERKIDS! Every child deserves to feel like a SUPERKID!