selfhealing“If I was writing a book, you would be on the cover!” The leg surgeon proclaimed his acknowledgment and released me two months early. The x-rays spoke for themselves, showing the rod from my left knee to my ankle was healed prematurely. He asked what I was doing. That was 16 years ago. This spring I head into foot surgery. Here are some of my positive preps for surgery as I become more bionically empowered!

I am doing several activities similar to the rod surgery, hip surgery, right foot bunion surgery, teeth implants and others I’ve had. I visualize cellular tea parties to welcome the new family members (screws, etc.). Welcome banners, fun music, special tea cakes, happy cell faces, and screws all feeling like members of the same family communing together inside my body. We happily sing, “WE ARE FAMILY! ALL MY BROTHERS, SISTERS AND ME! WE ARE FAMILY!” Just picture that wild party!

Using energetic techniques, I create a circuit with my hands before and after surgery focusing on the area to increase circulation. Massaging also helps. Research has shown the purring of cats is a frequency that heals bones. When my leg had several spiral breaks and the heel was smashed, I visualized millions of cats in a football field purring. I floated in a golden box over them, feeling the cat purring rise up into my leg. I REALLY felt it…that’s where the power is for optimal healing fuel…FEELING it!

Laughing creates enough endorphins to keep me robust in a positive attitude. Watching funny movies and recalling hysterical life stories (I have plenty) inject high octane fuel for thorough healing.

With each surgery I use sheer willpower to keep my thoughts uplifted. I have a NO TRESPASSING sign to thoughts that incite worry, fear, anxiety, impatience, frustration, anger. Zero tolerance for those! ONLY thoughts of 100% total healing are allowed. If worry or other negatives knock on my mental door, I visualize locking it and FEEL relieved not to entertain bad company. I refuse to rent space inside my precious body that needs healing to culprits who would dilute or block it. Healing halfway is not an option. Occasionally, I have to be the warrioress and blast those negatives to smithereens with golden light ball grenades! (Not really violent – explosions that look like July 4 fireworks!)

Setting my intention for total healing and seeing/FEELING as if it has already come to pass is core.

With this upcoming surgery, I look forward to decorating the therapy boot I have to wear for four weeks each time a doctor’s check-up denotes successful improvement. Staying creative in the healing process keeps a splash of fun in the recipe. Many stories of this are in my self-help memoir, THE GRANDMA BOOM CHRONICLES: More Alive at 65 (Amazon), which is endorsed by Doris Day and contains inspirational stories on self-healing.

Being bionic and going on 72 means I have lots of what are referred to as foreign materials inside me. Let’s see, I’ve got titanium, gold, silver, plastic, mercury, ceramic, and who knows what else. But mine are not foreign. When they enter my territory, they are family that I love as part of me.

I am happy and so grateful to welcome the surgery and healing process knowing I can once again wear the shoes and boots I enjoy. Bone-on-bone arthritis has grown two big bony lumps on my foot. Bye-bye bony lumps. Thank you for protecting my foot but there’s no need for your assistance anymore. The feeling of gratitude extends to the surgeon and her assistants. I trust her expertise and feel respect, not fear or anxiety. Positive emotions cheerlead for a winning experience. Feeling grateful keeps the heart energy open and flowing. That, in turn, aids in the self-healing for surgery and awesome aging!

This article originally appeared in The Local’s Guide.