Kindergarten children practicing self regulation skills and remaining calm in the midst of others being mean to them or arguing around them is one of the techniques I teach to EMPOWER SUPERKIDS. Their experiences are depicted in their wonderful artwork. They get to hear, see, feel a choreographed experience and then express their experiences on paper to see what they are learning. When children learn in a way that they KNOW for themselves, they are motivated to use the skills FOR themselves instead of memorizing a rule for another person or institution.

Here’s a child’s testimonial: A 5 yr. old boy in a class shared: “My Dad gets mad at me all the time and yells real bad. Even when it’s not my fault. He always says he’s sorry on the next day. Now I know what to do when he’s mean to me. I take a bunch of deep breaths instead of getting upset back.”

Stories straight from the mouths of babes speak volumes. Self calming and regulation are keys in the Video series. Help children in your life by letting them watch the videos. Downloads for reinforcement tips and theme related art handouts are provided in each lesson. It couldn’t be easier to EMPOWER SUPERKIDS in your care.

In order to continue this important work, your support is valued. Making a donation helps to ensure more children will be reached with these important life skills. As you know, this work is needed in our world today. May your kindness return to you many times over.Calm center