BENEFIT: self regulation
Self Regulation

Confidently in control of one’s mind, body, emotions, and breathing, regardless of external circumstances.

BENEFIT: stress management
Stress Management

USING stress to practice skills instead of stress using you as a victim.

BENEFIT: resiliency

Gaining vibrance with tools to live the highest quality of life.

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Emotional Intelligence

Navigating the sea of emotions to ACT, not REACT, with good choices.

Activate Parent/Child Success

“I wish I would have had these skills when I was a child! At least now I can help my children learn how to navigate their stress and challenges in life.”

Parents frequently say they do not know how to help their children. Repeating bad habits learned from growing up does not solve stress and relationship problems. Skills do!

Instead of feeling victimized by stress, gain confidence learning ways to skillfully help children to develop self control. You gain as your children gain. Win-Win! Good tool choices prevent feeling victimized by stress. Everyone gains in the family! NOW is the time to gain empowering skills!

Building Your Confidence

Feel great relief! Tap resources that give you practical tools and watch the amazing changes in family health and relationships. Research states 90% of all illnesses are stress related. Relationships suffer as well. You want the best for your children and family life. NOW is the time to invest in that goal.

It is easy for you to access and guide children while you learn new tools yourself. Treasures await similar to a map for an inspirational adventure. I provide the resources you need for a process that is extremely rewarding. Feel good building confidence with the wealth of life skills you give your children…and yourself.

Wonderful results arrive one day at a time with every opportunity to practice stress skills. I am guiding you with four decades of experience and development. Download the Superkid Stories, the FREE video which introduces you with downloads and purchase the entire series. Children learn important skills that I teach them. You reinforce the skills. The books and articles will give you more ideas. Audio downloads provide more reinforcement for your children in entertaining ways. Be stimulated, more aware, excited to apply and watch the blossoming occur that you wish for. You will love feeling confident!

Enjoy the Rewards

Imagine ten years from now if you did not learn new tools to help children manage stress and emotions. Now imagine ten years from now how grateful you feel having learned and applied Superkid Power skills with your children. Feel that success. It feels so good!

There are rewards along the way. A child sees you are upset and reminds you to take a deep breath because she/he has learned how that helps when you remind her/him. Self-control and caring amplify happiness and healthy family living for children and parents. It FEELS wonderful knowing how to promote growth with skills.

You want to feel like you are the best parent you can be. You want your children to feel they are the best they can be. Not being skilled deletes that opportunity. Being skilled creates a whole new world of opportunities for children, family life and success as the primary outcome! Superkid Power is a catalyst for dreams coming true that fill your heart with gratitude.

Audio Files

Audio downloads are a fantastic assistance for children to be entertained and trained simultaneously.

Get the Lessons

Our set of 7 lessons gives you the tools you need to impact your child’s life.

Free Lesson

Try before you buy with our free lesson! If you love the first one, you can purchase the whole set.

Mrs. S. shared that she has been concerned about her daughter becoming a ‘troubled teen’ in future years because of her lack of control and easily angered disposition. But she said © Janai Mestrovich, BS / MS, Family and Child Development Ashland, OR that after only a few sessions of the Self-Help Program, her daughter changed drastically, realizing she can make good choices, have self-control and treat everyone nicer around her. She reports her daughter’s life is completely turned around because of this program.

Mrs. S.

“My son is handling his anger much better since he learned ways to be able to get those feelings out healthily and know that it’s okay to do that. He is not hurting others like he was.” Mom of 2 ½ year old: “As we were getting ready to leave the house, Reese put on cowgirl boots that are 3 sizes too big, so I asked her to change (which she wasn’t happy about), then she came back with rubber boots on. Since the rubber boots weren’t appropriate for where we were going, I asked her to change again. Increasingly frustrated, she says “I’m going to take a deep a breath”, then goes to her room to change again. It was so cute, and I’m happy to know she picks up on your teaching. Also, she’s been singing the calming song today!”

Mom of troubled child

“Your approach directly touched my daughter who usually does not connect with others, even family friends. She was very drawn to you and your lively, experiential approach. For this I am grateful.”

Mother of autistic female child

“We were at the pool with our kids. Our daughter kept complaining about how other kids were spoiling her day. Our son, who has been trained in the SelfHelp Program, said to his sitter in a matter-of-fact tone, “You don’t have to let others control how you feel.” His dad and I were so impressed.

Mom of male child