BENEFIT: self regulation
Self Regulation

Confidently in control of one’s mind, body, emotions, and breathing, regardless of external circumstances.

BENEFIT: stress management
Stress Management

USING stress to practice skills instead of stress using you as a victim.

BENEFIT: resiliency

Gaining vibrance with tools to live the highest quality of life.

kid sitting
Emotional Intelligence

Navigating the sea of emotions to ACT, not REACT, with good choices.

Classroom Stress Reduction

A four year old boy stood up and began singing THE CALMING SONG when the teacher exhibited stressed out signs and all the students joined in. The Teacher realized the Students were doing for her what she normally does for them.

The students were empowered with Superkid Power skills: Song: Calming, Calming, I’m calming myself. Breathing slowly, I’m Calming myself.

Stress skills strengthen the whole classroom system. When taught skills, individuals can more easily calm themselves, be attentive, work together with cooperation and feel empowered.

Finding Easy Solutions

Teaching Superkid Power skills means you get to experience them FOR yourself as challenges arise in your classroom. Students will immediately pick up on your ability to feel good managing stress. Easy access to tools I provide will enhance your role as a teacher who has solutions using skills.

It is easy for you to access and guide children while you learn new tools yourself. Since I provide the resources you need to incorporate stress management in your Classroom, once you understand and teach the skills, successful rewards will appear. Students begin to grasp the empowerment and encouragement to feel they add to classroom success.

Healthy transformation in the classroom awaits you as I guide you with the available resources developed over four decades. Download the Superkid Stories, the FREE video which introduces you with downloads and purchase the entire series. Children learn important skills that I teach them and you reinforce the lessons. The books and articles will give you more ideas. Highly recommended are Audio downloads providing entertaining reinforcement for the skills. Enjoy feeling empowered as you empower your students.

Success is Fulfilling

It is exciting to see students begin to feel they have an important role and are needed to help reduce stress in the classroom atmosphere. Children need to know they are needed and that is a key to reinforce while teaching them. Classroom disruption is reduced making teaching easier for you. Calm students mean a more peaceful atmosphere where it is easier to give instructions and fulfill your teaching role more easily and successfully. It also provides a foundation for successful academic achievement. Research proves a relaxed state induces easier learning and integrating of information.

The free video lesson includes downloads for reinforcement. Allow me to teach the students while you reinforce the skills.

Purchasing the entire video series provides you with seven essential lessons. Students derive great benefit while you gain new insights and tactics. Relaxation exercises like Progressive Relaxation, Relaxation Through Breathing, and Journey Inside Me, or the short Five Minute Stress Manager bring immediate results. The vital skill of skilled self-calming transforms the classroom atmosphere to be less stressed, creating a solution for a more productive and inviting classroom experience.

These resources are an exceptional opportunity to fulfill your intention to be an amazing, successful teacher. Your students will always remember you for having the greatest impact on their lives.

Check out the free video. Purchase the entire series that will teach children while you use downloads to simply reinforce the skills. You will love feeling more fulfilled while having an easier time managing your classroom. Students gain confidence and improve focus with self-help skills because they benefit from new ways of managing themselves. THAT makes your job easier! Success is sweet! Superkid skills build strength and self worth.

Audio Files

Audio downloads are a fantastic assistance for children to be entertained and trained simultaneously.

Get the Lessons

Our set of 7 lessons gives you the tools you need to impact children’s lives and transform your classroom.

Free Lesson

Try before you buy with our free lesson! If you love the first one, you can purchase the whole set.

“Grandma Boom – Thank you for being such a beacon of light and support to my class. The lessons you have taught will be guiding them in life. We adore you!!”

Cheryl Markiewicz

” I have to tell you also that we had none other than a miracle with that beading activity. The student is wild. Simply stated, he lacks self-control, particularly in regards to impulsivity and his hands are ever-busy! His behaviors lack focus in a hyperactive manner. He is on an IFSP and has specialists work with him on several goals, in particular fine-motor skills. He gave up on the activity THREE TIMES, destroying the work he had already done. He scooted his chair back from the table, discouraged, and in defeat. However, he didn’t give up. This is highly out of character for him. It is typically very difficult for him to attend and stay with difficult tasks. That boy eventually decided to complete his entire beadwork design, and did so, WITHOUT the help of any teacher, as we were all busy helping other kiddos. Janai, we were blown away! We could not believe it. He was so proud. Note: We practiced self-calming before the activity and sang the CALM SONG. © Janai Mestrovich, BS / MS, Family and Child Development Ashland, OR

M.D. Preschool teacher

“This is a great program. I think it works well because the children are engaged and entertained while they are learning about themselves.”

Teacher, Promise Preschool Program