SuperKids Video & Lesson Sets

Become a Super Star In Children’s Lives Using the 7-Lesson SuperKid Series

Let Janai edutain (educate while entertaining) your children and students with these videos. The downloads allow you to reinforce the topics without having to design the lessons. What’s more, you will gain great tips for your own life.

SuperKids Video Series and Lesson Sets created by Janai Mestrovich, M.S.

Snow Fairy Grandma Boom

When you embark on this seven lesson series with your children or students, you are helping to create a brighter future for all. With this series, you will learn how to help children lead happier and healthier lives by teaching them proven self-regulation stress skills. You will empower them with new coping mechanisms, and leave them feeling like a “SuperKid” once they understand how to create positive experiences out of negative ones. Children who learn the tools offered in this series will gain confidence from the inside-out as they are able to better process everyday experiences as well as more serious and challenging life events.


The Curriculum


Lesson 1: Tense Knots & Calm Socks

Basic Foundation for Mindfulness and Self-control: Awareness of Tension and Calm Relaxation internally. Self-awareness of basic changes in the body creates more choices in monitoring and control of inner world self. Lack of this basic awareness results in unhealthy habitual responses to stress. Confidence is built with skills from the inside out. Use of 3D learning accelerates absorption and retention of subject matter (using objects in the environment to help children see/know/feel what is going on inside their own internal environment of mind/body/emotions). Shallow breathing causes build-up of tension. Deep, even, slow belly button breathing brings calm control with high octane oxygen fuel for clear thinking and positive attitude.

**Children with ACES suffer from external circumstances leaving them feeling victimized with no self-help skill empowerment. Understanding the state of changes internally that can be self-controlled reduces self-victimization that results from being victimized and builds strength of character not dependent on external circumstances.

“Our house burned down and the fireman said we could go in to see it when it was cool. Before I walked in I knew I needed to help myself so I took a deep breath. Then I saw all my toys and clothes were gone.”
Krystal, Age 5

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Lesson 2: Calming Myself for Self-Control

Switching gears refers to the ability to choose changing one’s tense state to a calm state with self-calming skills. Awareness of tension levels and how to reduce tension are key players in teaching children to switch their own internal gears. Self-control is invaluable.

Self-calming is an experience taught with a holistic approach for children to know for themselves and build confidence being able to control tension levels to make good choices from a calm center.

*Research proves a relaxed state improves learning absorption, improving academic achievement. Social -emotional issues are healthily managed from a calm state rather than one of tense anxiety and negative emotions. Kindergarten readiness is supported by improvement with the ability to focus which is enhanced with self-calming. Children suffering from ACES, diagnosed with autism, ADHD and Kindergarten readiness all benefit from this essential skill, learning it easily when taught in a holistic manner with experiences and visual aids.

“Your approach directly touched my daughter who usually does not connect with others, even family and friends. She was very drawn to you and your lively, experiential approach. For this I am grateful.”
Parent Of Child Diagnosed With Autism 

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Lesson 3: Switching Gears with My Inner Steering Wheel

Children learn about their inner steering wheel through deep belly button breathing that enhances one’s ability to bring in high octane fuel – 6-7 pints of oxygen. Tense breathing brings in 1-2 pints. Insufficient oxygen leads to poor memory, difficulty learning, unclear thinking and decision making, staying stuck in negative thoughts and feelings. Sufficient oxygen intake is like high octane fuel for a car when deep, even belly button breathing is done. It gives fuel/energy for making good decisions, thinking clearly, be focused, ability to study and retain information more easily, can improve relationships and communication, easier to change from negative to positive perspective.

This skill opens awareness to the ability to ACT rather than REACT, reduces feeling victimized which leads to self-victimization and emotions such as self-pity. Self-actualization is not possible without these skills

“My mom and grandma were yelling at each other. I calmed myself singing the CALM SONG and taking deep breaths. Then they got calm and stopped yelling.”
Kindergarten Girl

Lesson 4: My Mind, Body & Feelings are Friends

True understanding and development of emotional intelligence goes beyond the labeling of emotions. This lesson demonstrates to children how thoughts have emotional feelings connected to them and each thought/emotion is located in one physical place in the body. Without this self-knowledge, negative emotions will spread throughout the body creating more tension that leads to the emotion controlling the person instead of the person being in control of the emotion. Research proves with every mental change there is an emotional and physical change and vice versa.

““When I get upset I feel tight knots in my chest that don’t feel good. When I take deep breaths the knots leave. My chest feels better.”
Foster Child, Age 4

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Lesson 5: Squeezing Out Mad Feelings

Anger is a normal human experience. From what is considered a normal household to one where children suffer from ACES or autism, understanding how mad feelings work and what to do with them is essential in managing oneself healthily and building healthy relationships as well. Anger repression causes self-harm and disease; inappropriate anger release harms others and does not resolve the mad feeling healthily but causes more stress with the band-aid temporary release. Appropriate anger release brings empowerment with self-control and healthy resolve. Several healthy ways to release anger are demonstrated in this lesson including squeezing it out with a sponge.

“I always get mad when my mom wakes me up in the morning and I am tired so I hit her. After you taught us the CALM SONG and belly button breathing, I stopped hitting her. When she wakes me up and I am tired, I take deep breaths and sometimes I sing the CALM SONG.”
Kindergarten Girl

Lesson 6: Grudges Be Gone

The weight of carrying a grudge is demonstrated in 3D form (bag of rocks carried on chest) introducing children to being landlords of their bodies and what thoughts and emotions they choose to ‘rent to’ and allow to live inside them. Carrying a grudge requires energy and space inside a person. Forgiveness releases that burden that harms oneself and creates an easy flowing feeling inside giving way to greater ability to experience the freedom of happiness and joy.

A five-year-old girl broke her brother’s toy. He was mad and stomped away and wouldn’t play. Then he took deep breaths, thought about how his own body felt bad carrying a grudge, and told his sister he forgave her. They resumed playing and he reported feeling better inside.

Lesson 7: Cooperation

Accomplishing a common goal to have something good happen when working together is the premise of teaching children experientially about cooperation. With cooperation as a baseline for relationships in our world, we can formulate a peaceful atmosphere at home, and in the local community as well as the global community.

“When the children had fun learning about cooperation it was easier to have them cooperate with classroom activities, reminding them how good cooperation feels. They also enjoyed singing the cooperation song and shaking hands.”
Kindergarten Teacher


The SuperKid Series is Based On Concepts in the SuperKid Power Guidebook by Janai Mestrovich

“As a Parent Educator and former Preschool Teacher, I cannot say enough about Janai Mestrovich’s SuperKid Power Guidebook. It is a phenomenal resource and an absolute must for anyone that is around young children. The creative hands on approach that Ms. Mestrovich uses is easily adaptable in the home and/or classroom. It is a superb combination of essential tools for building self-esteem, communication, getting in touch with and healthily expressing feelings–and so much more.
~ Karen Seay