July 2, 2022

” I have to tell you also that we had none other than a miracle with that beading activity. The student is wild. Simply stated, he lacks self-control, particularly in regards to impulsivity and his hands are ever-busy! His behaviors lack focus in a hyperactive manner. He is on an IFSP and has specialists work with him on several goals, in particular fine-motor skills. He gave up on the activity THREE TIMES, destroying the work he had already done. He scooted his chair back from the table, discouraged, and in defeat. However, he didn’t give up. This is highly out of character for him. It is typically very difficult for him to attend and stay with difficult tasks. That boy eventually decided to complete his entire beadwork design, and did so, WITHOUT the help of any teacher, as we were all busy helping other kiddos. Janai, we were blown away! We could not believe it. He was so proud. Note: We practiced self-calming before the activity and sang the CALM SONG. © Janai Mestrovich, BS / MS, Family and Child Development Ashland, OR