July 2, 2022

“Grandma Boom – Thank you for being such a beacon of light and support to my class. The lessons you have taught will be guiding them in life. We adore you!!”

Dear Janai,

You have a very special gift to be able to speak to children… and their parents. I have been looking at your posts and I have learned some incredible ways to enable my two little girls (7 and 11) to self soothe and destress. They have a lot of stress and it’s caused by me. I was diagnosed with terminal cancer almost three years ago and there are good days and bad days but they have been little warriors for me. My eldest was very angry and asked me why God would give me cancer. I told her that God didn’t give me cancer. Nature gave me cancer but God is how I choose to deal with it. We also play and have lots of adventures! Your spirit and joy remind me of how my children have told me that they think of me. Life is a celebration!

I want you to know that I use so many of your methods when spending time with them. Recently my seven year old told me she wanted to kill herself and I was so distraught. I talked to her and found out it’s because she didn’t want me to be lonely in Heaven. She wanted to go with me. Can you just imagine?!?! As you have written there is always a reason behind a child’s actions. We have worked this out with therapy and your exercises!

Thank you so much Janai! You touch the lives of people you don’t know and I am grateful for you and your advice.