To empower children to Build Inner Strengths.

Children who have gained benefit from learning Superkid Power proclaim it has helped them to feel good about themselves. Superkid Power, Inc. is built on the foundation of the right for children to feel empowered from the Inside-Out. We celebrate their good choices that help them navigate life with greater ease and positive experiences dealing with stress. As they build their toolbox for self help and self regulation, it eases the job for parents, teachers, childcare givers. A system is developed that is co-created by all members of the system who have skills that enhance relationships, self worth and quality of life. We love being an inspiration for such high values that strengthen the individual, family, community, organization.

Parents and teachers have given exciting, excellent feedback about how much these skills impact their children’s lives and their own as they work to incorporate them into their family and classroom systems. Children and adults alike love to share success stories that arise from the integration of Superkid Skills.

Meet our Executive Director: Janai Mestrovich
aka ‘Grandma Boom’

About Janai

Janai ‘Grandma Boom’ Mestrovich, M.S. received a vision at age 13 years to help the world’s children. At 73 she has marched continually to develop her pioneering approach of three-dimensional Social Emotional Learning and Stress Management tools to children as young as 3. Her expertise is built on giving children experiences in a fun way so they know themselves and know FOR themselves.

Janai designed the Xmas Fairy project for poverty stricken and homeless as a result of wanting to be Santa Claus when she was young. Realizing girls could not apply for the job, she created the Xmas Fairy to bring Goodwill and magic to children and adults who are underserved.

Janai’s background includes television awards, educational awards, teaching at the University of Oregon and Southern Oregon University, being published as a writer and author of nine books, countless newspaper and magazine articles, speaking/training internationally and providing on site training. She was honored to be appointed to the Rosalynn Carter editorial board for special projects and recognized as a prevention Pioneer for preschool emotional intelligence by the Surgeon General. Children endearingly call her ‘Grandma Boom’ and become excited when she enters a classroom in costume for a session. She is a loving mother of two children and an outrageous grandmother of two grandchildren. She has actively developed and applied her pioneer approach for 46 years with children and trained many adults in homes and school settings. She is Executive Director of Superkid Power, Inc. (non profit tax-exempt 501(c)3) based on the premise that ALL children deserve to feel like SuperKids!

Snow Fairy Grandma Boom

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