Press Release

Extraordinary and Effective
Early Social Emotional Lessons (SEL) from ORAEYC/Mestrovich Blog

Ashland, Oregon – Matt Leek, Chairman of the Board of Superkid Power, Inc. announced availability of the entire 2019 year plus 2020 January and February monthly SEL lesson Blogs by Janai (Grandma Boom) Mestrovich. Janai is the Founder and Executive Director of Superkid Power, Inc., a not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization advocating 3D Social Emotional Learning.

ORAEYC is the Oregon State chapter of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), headquartered in Washington, DC. The Oregon Blog was established in November 2017, using a team approach to write weekly columns on early childhood education topics.

The Blog can be accessed by going to and searching for the Mestrovich blog. The Blogs are also available at along with a free video and lesson downloads. Testimonials abound such as a 4 year old starting to sing the Calming Song taught by Grandma Boom in the preK classroom when his teacher became upset and stressed while teaching. The entire class sang with him, calming the teacher who realized she needed their help just as they need hers at times to become calm.

Janai uses an innovative multisensory approach to engage preschoolers. Her 3D social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum has been developed and taught for over 40 years. During that time, she has taught 1,000’s of kids to become ‘SuperKids’ that evidence self respect, mutual respect and collaboration with communication skills. Her ‘Superkid Power Guidebook’ contains 52 must learn, critically vital, SEL concepts.

The Superkid Power SEL lessons conform to the CASEL (Collaboration for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) five focus areas of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Janai’s Superkid Power approach includes Teacher Notes to provide professional development opportunities for Child Care, Preschool and Kindergarten teachers as well as Parent Notes to assist family reinforcement of key SEL lessons. Her art/drawing feedback from the kids document before and after lesson evidence of a child’s grasp of the Superkid Power lessons.

Janai Mestrovich, a.k.a. ‘Grandma Boom’, has recently taught social emotional learning skills at the Briscoe Migrant program (division of Head Start) in Ashland, Lone Pine Elementary and Griffin Creek Elementary in Medford, Sarah Corson Daycare in Medford, Boys and Girls Club in Talent, OR, Greensprings Elementary School in Greensprings, OR and at the Promise Program division of the Family Nurturing Center (Phoenix, OR and Medford, OR.). Janai has participated in the Oregon Child Care Coalition and the Federal HeadStart program.

Janai is an early pioneer in children’s stress prevention programs since 1976. She has taught at the University of Oregon and Southern Oregon University. Her expertise includes producing and hosting award winning television series for kids and countless radio show interviews. She is also an international speaker and an outrageously fun grandmother.