“Success stories are always a delight, witnessing young children practicing self regulation and being empowered. A teacher in a preschool class with 3 and 4 year olds where I teach Superkid Skills happily shared this story.

“Two very active little boys were playing in the dramatic play area. Both saw a police officer uniform that they wanted to wear. We have been working on social dialogue throughout the month so one little boy responded with “Can I have it when you are done?” The other little boy responded with “Yes.”

Thinking that he was able to play with it right then, he grabbed it from the other boy’s hand. When he was told he had to wait until the other boy was done playing with it, he began to get angry. Utilizing Grandma Boom’s Calm and Tense Chart, the teacher walked the angry boy over to the poster. She asked him to point out how he was feeling. Tense (like a balled up knot) or Calm (like a soft sock). He pointed to the knot, saying he was angry.

The teacher asked him if he could take deep breaths, like he was blowing a big bubble, a technique Grandma Boom had taught us weeks before. Once he finished breathing, I asked if he can press his “Calm Button”, another strategy that Grandma Boom had taught us. He happily pointed to the sock after, saying he felt “soft inside.”

He then went on to find something else to do until his friend was finished playing with the costume. After utilizing the social emotional skills that Grandma Boom had taught us, he was able to recognize the physical attributes of each emotion and self calm…something that is incredibly useful and necessary in the preschool room. ”

This skill application reinforced by the teacher gives encouragement to children to use Superkid Power Skills! Children feel great and it helps teachers in the classroom as well as parents at home. Win/Win.