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The SuperKids Method

We have a problem on our hands. The ability to teach children how to successfully maneuver the stressful challenges of life is a lost art. Through the Superkid Method, we have the solution. Explore our options and be a part of the solution. Superkid Power empowers YOU to empower children. It also empowers YOU to grow with children using skills.

The results: You gain skills; children gain skills; children assume more responsibility with self regulation which means life gets easier for parents and teachers; and relationships grow in deeply meaningful ways. Equity/inclusion/diversity are natural by-products. Join the winning team with Superkid Power Skills and advance the children you care about.

Books & Trainings

Training for children begins with the free video and downloads. As I teach them the basics, all you have to do is reinforce the concepts and skills with the downloads. Purchase the entire series and you can gain momentum in your role, providing essential skills that give life advantages to children. Feel relieved as children learn more about self regulation. Solutions arise and tension begins to melt away that is unnecessary in life. Begin now by purchasing the in-house training so easy to use with children!

Join me in giving every child a chance to become a Superkid!

Janai ProfileSickly and puny, I was called “ugly stick” by my peers growing up. Depending on feedback from others cost me self worth. Stress Management Skills awarded me a great new life thinking positively about myself. I learned new choices nurturing healthy emotional intelligence, lowering tension level and b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g.

My health improved as I realized 90% of all illnesses are stress related. Awareness of my internal world along with tools to navigate myself internally boosted my attitude, health and vibrance. Since 85% of a child’s brain develops by the age of 5, I knew it was important to teach them Superkid Power skills at an early age.

Teaching children taught me to use the external environment where they focus, and bring them back inside their own internal resources. Using objects, experiences and a fun entertaining approach, learning is accelerated. Every child deserves to feel SUPERKID POWER! Their feedback has shown me these techniques work!

Give children the opportunity to feel SUPERKID POWER!

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“Grandma Boom – Thank you for being such a beacon of light and support to my class. The lessons you have taught will be guiding them in life. We adore you!!”

Cheryl Markiewicz